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Cyclists Fighting Cancer - Helping Kids With Cancer
Cyclists Fighting Cancer - Helping Kids With Cancer
Cyclists Fighting Cancer - Helping Kids With Cancer

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#20in20 helping kids with cancer
#20in20 helping kids with cancer £10,518.35 Thank you helping kids with cancer

Every day four families in the UK are told that their child has cancer, we feel passionately about helping these families along this difficult journey.  We help children to regain their physical fitness, strength and confidence by giving them new bikes, adapted trikes and specialist support during treatment and into recovery.

#20in20 is simple, join Team CFC by doing 20 brilliant things in 2020, get sponsored, raise money and to help us support more children living with and beyond cancer.

Walk, run, bike, swim, in fact do anything that you’d like to do!  It doesn’t have to be sporty, organise 20 litter picks, bake 20 cakes or plant 20 trees.  The sky's the limit and the possibilities of your own #20in20 are endless!

You can use this as a chance to challenge yourself, as a reason to bring people together, or to spend more time with the kids. Whether it’s for 20 minutes, 20 times, 20 hours or a one-off event with 20 friends, we’d love you to get involved and inspire others to join in too.

Get Started

First you’ll need to choose exactly how you’re going to be awesome!  We’ve started you off with a few suggestions below, but the choices are limitless! 

If you already know what you would like to do, you can set up your fundraising page using Just Giving at CFC20in20, just click on Start Fundraising and you're away.

Once you’ve chosen your #20in20 let us know about your challenge so that we can add it to our list and motivate more people to get involved.

Sporty #20in20

CFC - £20in20 Sporty Challenge
  • Compete in 20 different races
  • Walk for 20 minutes every day
  • Walk/run 20 park runs
  • Walk/run 20 10k’s
  • Walk/run 20 half marathons
  • Walk/run 20 marathons
  • Go on 20 walks with friends
  • Cycle 20 miles a day
  • Cycle 20 Sportives
  • Cycle 20 mountain bike trails
  • Swim 20 different lakes/open water venues
  • Swim 20 lengths a day for 20 days
  • Run in 20 different countries
  • Kayak for 20 miles
  • 20 miles on a SUP (stand up paddle board)
  • Try 20 sports that you’ve never done
  • Surf 20 beaches
  • Climb 20 peaks
  • Bag 20 Munros
  • Fish 20 rivers
  • Play 20 tennis matches
  • Play 20 football matches
  • Play 20 rugby games
  • 2020 cricket match
  • Play 20 golf courses
  • 20 press ups/burpees/squats/star jumps a day
  • Play 20 games of table tennis
cfc Environmental challenge

Environmental #20in20

  • Organise 20 litter picks
  • Plant 20 trees
  • Turn the lights off for 20 minutes a day
  • Cycle to work/school 20 times
  • Recycle 20% more items
cfc - quirky challenge

Quirky #20in20

  • 20 random acts of kindness
  • 20 chores around the house
  • Volunteer 20 times
  • Marshall at 20 events
  • Compliment strangers 20 times
  • Clean the house 20 times
  • High 5 20 people
  • Call Mum/Dad 20 times
  • Help your neighbours 20 times
  • 20 social events with friends
  • Wear 20 different fancy dress outfits
  • Go to bed 20 mins later
  • Go to bed 20 mins earlier
  • Sing 20 Christmas carols
  • Give up 20 things that you love
cfc - Kids and family Challenge

Kids and Family #20in20

  • Play at 20 different parks
  • Go on 20 family bike rides
  • Skate 20 skate parks
  • Roll down 20 big hills
  • Go on 20 picnics
  • Climb 20 trees
  • Tidy your room 20 times
  • Make your bed every morning for at least 20 days each month
  • Collect 20 items from a nature trail
cfc 20in20 challenge

General #20in20

  • Visit 20 countries
  • Visit 20 national parks
  • Try 20 new activities
  • Try 20 new foods
  • Try 20 new recipes
  • Sell 20 items for charity
  • Learn to sign language 20 words
  • Learn 20 words in another language
  • Visit 20 counties in the UK
  • Watch 20 sunrises/sunsets
  • Go to 20 festivals
  • Watch 20 films
  • Read 20 books
  • Complete 20 computer games
  • Bake 20 cakes
  • Organise 20 coffee mornings
  • Take part in 20 pub quizzes


Once you’ve decided on your challenge it’s time to get your fundraising up and running.  We have a #20in20 campaign page on Just Giving and it only takes a few minutes to set up your own fundraising page linked to ours.

Go to CFC20in20 and click on Start Fundraising and you’re away!

After you’ve set up your Just Giving page, we’ll send you out your welcome letter, your 20in20 fundraiser t-shirt and your CFC 20in20 charity ribbons.  Wear your ribbon and t-shirt wherever you go and there’ll be 20 more ribbons that we’d love you to pass on to 20 friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues to challenge and motivate them to find their own #20in20 idea.

Just Giving has these top 10 tips to help make your page and fundraising a success:

  1. Use PHOTOS to personalise your page, fundraisers with pictures on their page raise 14% more per photo.
  2. Tell your STORY, why you care about the cause.
  3. Aim high! Pages with a TARGET raise 46% more.
  4. Don’t be afraid to SHARE.  Spread the word about the great thing you are doing on Facebook, social media and WhatsApp, those who do raise more.
  5. Be CREATIVE.  Think of interesting ways to get people excited about your fundraising, “if I reach £1,000, I’ll take part in the event wearing fancy dress”.
  6. Stay in CONTACT with us here at CFC, we can help you spread the word.
  7. Keep your fundraising page UPDATED.  Your followers will enjoy following your progress and your journey.
  8. ENCOURAGE your friends to take part and raise money as well, it makes the experience more fun!
  9. 20% of donations come in after an event has ended, so it’s worthwhile doing a FOLLOW UP once you’ve finished to let everyone know how you got on.
  10. It’s still worthwhile to EMAIL friends, colleagues and neighbours as not everyone is on social media.  To help with this we've created a #20in20 email signature below for you to use so every time you send an email people can see how awesome you are!

#20in20 Email Signature

Download Me

Please download the image above and use it as your email signature.
To download either drag the image to your desktop or right click and save image to your computer.



Once your page is looking perfect it’s time to share away to reach more people and to raise more money.  Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram are all popular social media platforms and a great way to let everyone know what you are doing and why.

Don’t forget to tag CFC in your social media posts, along with the #20in20 and share/repost our CFC posts too.  We often share thank you stories from the children and families we have helped so this is a great way for people to learn more about what we do and how their money will be spent.

Just Giving has these helpful hints to make the most of these platforms:

Facebook - the most popular social media platform.  Don’t forget to tag your friends and ask them to share too.

Twitter – tweet to your followers, message celebrities and influencers who can help to ask for a retweet.

WhatsApp – the third most popular social media platform, message your groups and ask them to help.

LinkedIn – you spend so much time with your work colleagues, so don’t forget about them.  Make sure to let them know what an awesome thing you are doing.

Snapchat – your snapchat story shows people what you are doing.  Make a quick video explaining why you are raising money and what CFC means to you.

Instagram – put your page in your bio and post images that show how your fundraising will help.  Your Instagram story can help people connect to your cause.

Simple to pay in

If you receive any donations that don’t come in via your fundraising page, it’s easy to pay these in:

Online - you can pay it online via this website using Charity Checkout

Pay on the phone – give us a call on 01789 450011 to pay using your debit or credit card.

Pay by post – you can send us a cheque made out to Cyclists Fighting Cancer and post to us at, Cyclists Fighting Cancer, Eversfield, Shipston Road, Alderminster, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 8NY.

We can still claim the gift aid back on these donations if you ask people to fill out their details on our Sponsor form and then post it to us at the above address.  

Don’t forget to add the amount to your JustGiving page as offline donations, as they will go towards the total amount raised.

How your fundraising is spent

The money raised from your fundraising goes directly towards funding bikes, trikes, tandems, other equipment and support to children living with and beyond cancer throughout the UK. 

  • £20 Helmet
  • £50 Stabilisers
  • £80 Assessment visit
  • £200 Tag-a-long
  • £200-£400 Bike (depending on age)
  • £500 Specially adapted bike
  • £800 Tandem
  • £1,500 Specially adapted trike
  • £3,355 Motor med, movement therapy equipment for hospitals

In 2019 we saw a significant increase in the number of applications and we awarded approximately 1,000 bikes/trikes, which was up from 600 in 2018!  We are expecting the same level in 2020 so your fundraising is vital in helping us to fulfil these increased applications and support the children throughout their treatment and into recovery. 

Need help?

If you have any questions or need any advice, we’d love to hear from you.  Give us a call on 01789 450011 or send an email to rachel@cyclistsfc.org.uk.