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Cyclists Fighting Cancer - Helping Kids With Cancer
Cyclists Fighting Cancer - Helping Kids With Cancer
Cyclists Fighting Cancer - Helping Kids With Cancer

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About Cyclists Fighting Cancer

Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) is a registered charity founded in 2005. We provide a unique and highly effective way of helping kids with cancer through activity and exercise.

We give new bikes, tandems and specially adapted trikes to children and young people who have been affected by cancer throughout the UK.  The effects of the disease and associated treatment regimes in children are numerous; amputations, balance issues, physical weakness, coordination difficulties and lack of self esteem are just a few of the most common side effects seen in many patients.

Exercise has been shown in numerous adult studies to be the single most effective way of improving both physical and mental wellness for people surviving cancer.  We encourage cycling as the best form of exercise based rehabilitation especially for children because it provides all these benefits in a low impact, fun, sociable and exciting way.

Cancer also causes massive disruption in families, therefore we also give bikes to their siblings, and in many cases their parents, in order that they can take part in an activity as a family once again after what can be years of hospitalisation and upheaval.

We now aim to supply around 800 awards each year which will take our total since we started in 2005 to over 7000 awards.  In addition, we supply other special equipment to individuals and hospital units to help with exercise and rehabilitation. We have funded dedicated research study with the University of Leeds to clearly illustrate the relationship between physical and mental well being and physical activity in children surviving cancer.  Our main focus is raising awareness of the benefits of activity and exercise for child and adults living with and beyond cancer.

We operate totally on the kind support of our amazing fundraisers taking part and putting on events from coffee mornings to treks across mountain ranges around Britain and across the world. All monies donated make a huge difference to our total fundraising effort and ultimately to the number of children affected by cancer we support.

Cyclists Fighting Cancer is a Limited Company by Guarantee no. 07194338  and registered charity number 1140017 Registered in Scotland SCO46635.


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